Clubmed Kani, Maldives

Clubmed Kani, Maldives

Maldives, Kani

Maldives, Kani, Maldives,


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  • Wi-Fi

  • Car-Parking

  • Swimming

  • City view

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Set along an expansive, 2-kilometre stretch of private beaches—where natural wildlife thrives on land and sea, and where thrilling water sports and adventures are yours for the taking—Club Med Kani offers the very best Maldives all-inclusive resort.

5 reviews for Royal family room

Student - Jan 7 2013

Perfect hoodie for a Ninja!

Student - Jan 7 2013

Perfect hoodie for a Ninja!

Student - Jan 7 2013

Perfect hoodie for a Ninja!

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Maldives, Kani, Maldives,


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